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This blog is in retirement and is being left up as a reference to past articles only.If you would like to get more information concerning the home care, mobility or rehab space feel to stop in and contact us at Sibaya.

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Significant Events At Invacare – Consent Decree and ISG Disposal

Update Dec 27, 2012 – Invacare lays off 143 of 365 manufacturing workforce. Update Dec 21, 2012 – US District Court Approves Invacare Corporations Consent Decree The long awaited Consent Decree to “Resolve Allegations of Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Violations” has been agreed subject to final court approval. The Justice Department, at the request [...]

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Is The Observer Maximus The Next Big Thing In Stair Climbing Wheelchairs?

The Observer Maximus may be what wheelchair users are looking for in a stair climbing wheelchair. The manufacturer, Observer Mobility from China claims the unique use of gyroscopes allows the user to remain in an upright seated position no matter what the terrain. The video demonstrates this ease of climbing and descending stairs. Of note the [...]

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Need To Know More About The French Homecare And Mobility Market – Hacavie

Together with Germany and the UK, France makes up a large part of the European homecare business. We are frequently asked about information concerning France and often refer clients to the Hacavie (French) site. Hacavie is constituted under law 1901 and is a national documentation center, provides product reviews and assistance for people with special needs. [...]

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Innovative Video From DME Provider Medux In Holland

Medux (link in Dutch) is the umbrella group for major Dutch Homecare and mobility service provider companies: Hartingbank, Emcart, Ligtvoet and Vitalis. In cooperation with Sunrise Medical, Permobil, Handicare and Invacare they have created a corporate video that balances the “I am alive” theme with discreet but effective product placement. The sponsor disclosure at the [...]

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Invacare’s Dynamic Controls Downsizing At New Zealand HeadQuarters

Charlotte Walshe, CEO of New Zealand based Dynamic Controls has announced that they are losing 40-60 jobs primarily in their contract manufacturing business due to a downturn of business. Dynamic, an Invacare company, is a leading manufacturer of wheelchair control systems. Dynamic has already shifted that manufacturing to China (2007). Research and development continues to [...]

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Sunrise Medical Acquired By Equistone Partners Europe

Equistone has acquired Sunrise Medical, Mobility and Seating from Vestar – pending regulatory approval, which is expected to close year end. Equistone is a European private equity group that sites Sunrise CEO Thomas Rossnagel’s management team and the companies growth potential as primary factors in the acquisition. Vestar had acquired Sunrise in 2000 and had [...]

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