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Specialty Medical Device Distributor in Eastern Europe Seeks Partners


Europe Regions

Specialty Medical Device Distributor in Eastern Europe seeks partners wishing to distribute their value added products in this region.

Distributor has operations serving Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Company principals have employment record at major US medical device manufacturers in addition to having clinicians on their staff.

The company’s expertise is in working with key opinion leaders and decision makers in the region. Having 20 years experience the company has considerable contacts in the healthcare industry.

Product expertise is the value added sales and marketing of cardiovascular, general surgery, orthopedics and gynecology products.

Because distributor uses a value added process they can only consider exclusive distribution agreements.


Sibaya China Manufacturing Capability

Sibaya China Joint Venture

Aluminum Manufacture Extrusions, Parts, Assemblies

  • Company founded in 1960
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • 5 Extrusion machines from 690 – 2100 tons
  • Fully integrated mold manufacture, CNC milling, bending, punching capability
  • Served industries, industrial, construction, healthcare mobility, bicycle frames, electronic, various parts all industries
  • International specifications for Aluminum

Quality Capability

microstructure_analytic_facility Microstructure Analysis

spectrometer Spectrometer

Extrusion Capability

2100_ton_extrusion_press_with_hot_log_shear 2100 Ton Extrusion Press

extrusion_press_workshop Extrusion Press Workshop

CNC Capability

cnc_machine_center CNC Machine Center

cnc_lathe CNC Lathe

Punching Capability

punching_workshop_2 Punching Workshop

punching_workshop_1 Punching Workshop

Drilling Capability

heat_sink_drilling Heat Sink Drilling

Assembly Capability

wheel_rim_workshop Wheel Rim Workshop

Mold Capability

mould_center Mold Center

mould_repair Mold Maintenance



Contact Frank Barlin at Sibaya Healthcare


Breast – Care Single Use Diagnostic Product

US based company has developed and manufactures non invasive early stage breast care diagnosis product which can act as a screen in breast disease alongside traditional diagnostic tools. Product is FDA approved and CE marked.

Distributors and business development partners are sought in Western and Southern European countries as well as Asia, Australia, Latin America , Middle East and Southern Africa.

Potential partners must be able to demonstrate a track record in market development for single use medical products.

Interested parties should contact Sibaya Healthcare Consultants in the first instance.


Home Healthcare Meetings – Medtrade USA and Rehacare Europe

For “Marketplace” readers that are already in the homecare business they will know the two major events that it is obligatory to attend. For those wishing to learn more about this dynamic industry or are looking for business partners and opportunities the following two meetings are “must attends”. The only downside is that they are less than a week apart and on different continents.

  1. Medtrade (link here) is the largest meeting of its type and is held in Atlanta from October 18 – 20 2005
  2. Rehacare (link here) – click on the English tab if you don’t speak German- is the largest meeting in Europe and is held in D�sseldorf, Germany October 12 – 15 2005


China – Specialty Aluminium Extrusion – Including Healthcare Product- Manufacture

Fully integrated Chinese manufacturer � from mold production through to extrusion and milling and processing of parts, supplies large US and European companies with high quality, economic solutions for their manufacturing and assembly components. In addition is a major supplier to international companies based in China.

Company is certified to ISO standard as well as being certified a quality supplier to several companies.

Products range from heat sinks for electronic products to parts used in the home healthcare industry � mobility and rehabilitation.


Products overview


More examples (4mb) can be downloaded

Frank Barlin at Sibaya Healthcare


France – Labor Law Update – Opportunity?

This AP – Yahoo news update refers to a small but important step in creating a more flexible work force in one of Europe’s biggest economies.

Companies (small) in France will now be able to terminate workers with less than two years service for little, if any reason. The government hopes this move will (among other incentives) stimulate employment in small business.

Having recently returned from a trip to China visiting healthcare manufacturers it makes you wonder if this is not too little too late.

As a small business owner based in France however, I must say this is good news!

This may also provide the additional stimulus to some of our healthcare clients to establish some form of direct distribution operations in France as opposed to the classical “can you find us a distributor because we don’t want to hire our own people route”.

We can get you more information if you need it.


Homecare Industry Update Europe – China Currency Revaluation

This post a few days ago refers to the impact of Asian sourcing on both large traditional homecare manufacturers and the smaller “importer” – fast brand developing companies in Europe and in Germany in particular.

The announcement (see Reuters article) today of the Yuan revaluation is probably going to remove a point or two of margin from both company types as the customer downstream is still not willing to accept a price increase.

Few, if any homecare companies are making a lot of money in Germany. This does not help.

The writer is going to be in Shanghai next week. It will be interesting to hear the Chinese perspective. More to come…


Homecare Industry Update � Europe, Germany

This article from HME News may be of particular interest to the homecare industry in Europe and especially Germany where there are distinct similarities with the US concerning issues of pricing pressure, reimbursement and costs which have become increasingly important.

Adding fuel to the fire the classical �importers� into Germany (3rd biggest world homecare market) have been gaining share in certain categories as a result of low prices coming out of Asia � helped in addition by a strong Euro versus the US Dollar. Due to fierce competition in a reimbursement declining environment much of the lower cost benefits have had to be passed on to their customers. This has allowed some of these �lower profile� importers to assume a much bigger role and attract the attention of the bigger buying groups. At the same time they are improving quality, getting their product specifications right � and yes � building their company image and brand � and doing it well.

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